TRE® Post Certification Skills Development

After certification our challenge as TRE® Providers is to continue to learn and grow by:

  • Being committed to our own TRE® practice to support embodiment of TRE®.
  • Continually doing quality work whilst recognizing that each client is unique and deserves to be looked at as an individual.
  • Continually improving our clinical and instructional skills.
  • Continually expanding and deepening our knowledge base – TRE® is a new modality where new information is constantly sweeping in as the latest research comes to the fore – this helps us to maintain excellence in our practice.
  • Continually exploring ethical issues.
  • Participating and remaining engaged in the TRE® community – locally and globally.

I offer a number of opportunities whereby you can develop your skill and knowledge base that can enrich your own TRE® practice as well as the people you work with.