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Integral Health

An integrated approach to your health and wellbeing

Integral Health is a mindfulness-based approach that addresses all aspects of
living a healthy, whole and fulfilling life.


My intention is to journey alongside you in a nurturing and empowering way to promote expanded consciousness, integration, a mindful presence and the cultivation of conscious and empathetic relationships.

Coaching is a process that helps you to connect to your values and intentions and empowers you with techniques to cultivate inner peace and well-being.


TRE® is a revolutionary technique that helps to release chronic stress, anxiety, physical tension, pain or the effects of trauma.


Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally paying attention to the present moment as it is, without judgement.



Ingrid Regenass

I am a mindfulness-based Integral Health coach in private practice in Constantia, Cape Town. I have qualifications in nursing, exercise and fitness, clinical nutrition, counselling, coaching, TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release) and Mindfulness-Based Interventions.

With over 25 years of work experience in the field of health promotion and wellness, my work has evolved, over time, to include a variety of modalities, which I draw from to empower people to journey towards optimal health (living) and wholeness.

Integral Health helps you to increase self-mastery and improve your quality of life, regardless of your current life circumstances.

It’s All About Choice

“All aspects of our lives are interconnected and influence one another. The effort we put into personal growth may affect our careers and our relationships. The choices we make moment-by-moment no matter how trivial they may seem, contribute to creating a life that is healthy, whole and fulfilling or a life that is fraught with poor health, frustration and unhappiness.”