Relationship Coaching

When we feel close and connected we naturally experience a sense of safety, peace, joy and openness and it is easier to socially engage with one another. Conversely when we are judged, rejected and feel a sense of disconnection from one another the stress response is activated. We then move into the instinctive defensive modes of flight, fight or freeze. We impulsively withdraw, attack or shutdown.

In these moments our impulsive reactivity invariably causes further disconnection, conflict and fractures in relationships across the board – in marriages and partnerships, with our children, friends and at work. This can have devastating consequences that can impact on every area of our lives and the society we live in.

In our work together we are guided by:

  • The symptoms that are apparent in the individual and in the relationship.
  • The values and intentions of each person.
  • The intentions for the relationship.
  • What people feel ready to work with.

In relationship coaching my intention is to empower you with the knowledge, skills and techniques that will help to build healthy and conscious relationships.