About Ingrid

I am a mindfulness-based, Integral Health coach, TRE® Certification Trainer and Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR and MBI’s)  in private practice in Cape Town. I also have qualifications in nursing, exercise and fitness, clinical nutrition, counselling, and coaching.

With over 30 years of work experience in the field of health promotion and wellness my work has evolved to include a variety of modalities which I draw from to empower people to journey towards an integrated, conscious and fulfilled life.

“My own journey of healing, recovery and transformation, in every aspect of my life – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and in relationships is an on-going path of learning and growth.”

For many years I suffered with severe bouts of depression, chronic tension, pain and a host of other symptoms that could not be explained by medical professionals. I was told that I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. I struggled with many side effects and was prescribed more medication to counteract these side effects. I went from one person to another and spent a fortune in my attempts to find relief – with no success. My condition deteriorated further.

The turning point towards health and recovery came when I finally realized that there was no expert out there who was going to cure me and who had the answers I was searching for. It was up to me. I needed to learn to trust my body’s innate wisdom. The starting point was to stop all medication and empower myself with knowledge. My diet changed after I studied clinical nutrition. The next step was to slow down. I reduced my working hours and ensured that I was getting sufficient quality sleep. I adjusted the intensity of my exercise regime choosing kinder and gentler activities.

“Learning mindfulness and TRE® has been life changing and these practices have become an integral part of my life.”

Mindfulness practices have been invaluable not only increasing self awareness and making wiser choices but also to train my mind to be present with things as they are with an attitude of kindness and compassion. TRE® has helped to release not only the long standing effects of chronic stress, tension and trauma but also in releasing everyday stress.

As my mind with the endless stream of judgment quietened, and my body started releasing long-standing tension patterns, I was able to access and express years of suppressed emotional pain. I embarked on an inner journey exploring and unpacking the underlying trauma that lay at the heart of many of the health issues I had struggled with for so many years.

With practice I am learning:

  • To listen to my body.
  • To trust my ability to sense into what I need.
  • How to meet my needs.
  • Where to find appropriate support.
  • Appreciation and gratitude.
“The journey of healing has been long and slow with many obstacles to overcome. I learnt that there is no magical ‘quick fix’ and that my body is wise, intelligent and resilient. From this new perspective I am more able to tune in to what is calling for my attention and to self regulate by nurturing myself when I notice that I am out of balance. By being mindful I create options and choices for myself.”


Integral Health Coach
TRE® Certification Trainer
Mindfulness Teacher

Phone: 082 925 0076
E-mail: admin@integralhealth.co.za

What is Integral Health?

Integral Health is the integration of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, interpersonal and environmental functioning with the awareness that everything we do, feel, think and believe has an impact on the state of our health, the health of others, and the health of our planet.

Focus of the Integral Health Approach

The focus of Integral Health is to increase self-mastery and improve quality of life, rather than on finding a quick fix or a cure.

It’s All About Choices

The Integral Health Framework emphasises not only the big picture but also focuses attention on specific aspects of one’s life to help enhance the quality of life.

Minding Our Bodies

I teach a variety of techniques and practices which include somatic awareness, TRE® and mindfulness to increase awareness and expand consciousness enabling you to achieve a sense of inner peace no matter the life circumstances you face.