TRE® for Organisations and Communities

Regardless of profession, working with people who are stuck in cycles of chronic stress and trauma can be frustrating.

Stress and trauma create so much of the dysfunction, distress, and disease that block human healing, growth, and success.  TRE® is a simple, effective and easy to learn technique that can be incorporated into employee wellness programmes as well as introduced to NGO’s who offer existing community programmes. As TRE® is  a simple self-healing technique it can empower people to release chronic stress and repattern trauma. This supports people in becoming more resilient, successfully navigate challenges, feeling competent and content not only in their professional abilities but also in their lives as a whole.

I have worked on a number of community projects in the past few years, namely:

  • Chrysalis TRE® research project
  • SOS Children’s Village
  • The Clothing Bank (NGO)
  • Life Choices (NGO)
  • SAPS (South African Police Service) Western Cape
  • South African Children’s Home

My intention is to empower people with this simple, self-help technique so that the effects of chronic stress and trauma that plague our country may be reduced.

Contact me for more information on the individualized TRE® Programmes and workshops that I offer to organizations and NGO’s doing community work.