6-week Mindfulness Meditation Programme

The 6-week Mindfulness Meditation Programme is held in a contained and nurturing environment where we can retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with its demands and responsibilities. This is an opportunity to  give ourselves the gift of self-care – time to slow down, awaken our senses, nourish our soul and reconnect to our authentic presence.

The programme offers training in formal and informal mindfulness-based practices that mobilise our own inner resources which enables us to take greater care of our personal health and wellness.

The process of learning mindfulness involves engaging in the moments of our lives with greater awareness taking heed of our bodies, mind and heart as we do so. The intention is to reconnect to simply being alive, and, at the same time let go of our patterns of constant doing and striving.

Each of the six sessions focuses on a different theme, with time allocated to a variety of guided mindfulness practices, teaching, reflection and dialogue. Home practices are included each week to support mindfulness becoming an integral part of our lives.

With mindfulness practice, we become increasingly able to observe our thoughts, emotions and sensations consciously, rather than reacting to them unconsciously. This provides an opportunity for learning to respond to life’s challenges with kindness and compassion.

The 6-week programme includes

  • A 30 minute pre-programme meeting – either in-person or online to determine if this programme is suitable at this time. (There will be no charge for this meeting if registering for the programme. A fee may be charged for this appointment if not registering for the programme).
  • Six, weekly group classes of 2,5 hours each (first class is 3 hours).
  • A full-day retreat.
  • Teaching related to stress and mindfulness.
  • Teaching of a variety of mindfulness meditations and practices.
  • Home practice manual which include guided practices.
  • Refreshments on class days.

VENUE: The programme will be held in the nurturing space of the Integral Health studio set in the peaceful rural environment of Sweet Valley at the foot of Constantiaberg mountain.

Half-Day Mindfulness Retreat

If you are interested in attending please complete the online enquiry form or visit the calendar and view the events for more information.

Once I receive the online application form I will contact you regarding setting up a date for the pre-programme interview. An invoice will be sent to you after the interview.

Programme Facilitator: Ingrid Regenass

Ingrid is a mindfulness-based, Integral Health coach, in private practice in Cape Town. She has worked in the field of health promotion and wellness for over 30 years with qualifications in nursing, exercise and fitness, clinical nutrition, counselling, Coaching, TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release) and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. Over the years her work has evolved to include a variety of modalities, which she draws from to empower people to journey towards living a healthy, whole and fulfilling life.

Mindfulness meditation is an integral part of her life. She offers a range of Mindfulness Programmes and regularly attends silent retreats; participates in mindfulness courses and attends a weekly mindfulness group to support her own practice and ongoing learning.